Famous Modern Art Museums

Are you also a fan of modern art? These days many people like to scroll pages on Google to see the different art pieces from around the world. But the real art pieces cannot be found over the internet. You need to witness them with naked eyes. There are many museums around the world which are famous for modern art. We are sure that once you will visit these modern art museums, you will be in an awe moment, by looking at those modern art pieces. Modern Art is vast, and it is presented in different forms these days. If you wish to see some of the beautiful and amazing modern art pieces, you should visit these famous modern art museums around the world. Below, we have listed some of the famous modern art museums where you can visit to see modern art.

museum of modern art

The Museum of Modern Art, New York City – This is one of the most famous museums of modern art in the world. Most of the people who love modern art are aware of this museum. It is one of the enormous museums of modern art. The museum building was designed by Yoshio Taniguchi. This museum has a great modern art collection made by famous people like Picasso, Warhol, Matisse, Cezanne, and Van Gogh. There are around 200,000 modern art pieces and work in this museum. Being a modern or contemporary art lover, one should visit this museum once in the lifetime.

guggenheim bilbao modern art
The Guggenheim Bilbao

The Guggenheim Bilbao, Bilbao – This museum which has many significant contemporary art pieces, is made using the titanium, glass, and stone. The museum covers the area of around 120,000 square feet. The architecture of this mind-blowing museum is of Frank Gehry, the American Architect. From a colossal sculpture in the front lawn to the masterpieces of modern art inside the museum, there are a lot of things you will see here. It is said that this museum reflects the legacy of Guggenheim. There are around 20 galleries in the museum, which shows the collection of the artwork. This museum is also being used for temporary exhibitions of modern art.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – This museum has a very unusual design and structure. The architecture of the building was made by keeping in mind that the building should also look like an art piece from outside. The view from the top of this museum is stunning, as you get the best views of Paris. The Centre Georges Pompidou has a great collection of modern art including the decorative arts, photography, and furniture as well. People who are a fan of modern art, like this place a lot both inside and outside.

tate modern
Tate Modern

Tate Modern, London – This is one of the best modern art galleries in the United Kingdom. And it also serves as the national gallery of modern art, in the United Kingdom. This modern art museum, Tate Modern is located in London, on the Thames River banks. The museum is also famous for its architecture. The collection of the artwork and the contemporary design, when are combined together, makes this museum look best in comparison to the other top and famous museums in the world.

Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro – This museum is not just famous for contemporary art, but it is also famous because of the location where it is. The museum is built above the beaches on a cliff in Rio de Janeiro. One may get confused by seeing the building of this museum for the first time as it is in the shape of a spaceship. This museum was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, who is a Brazilian Architect. This museum has a great collection of contemporary art which are originated from a Brazilian private collector, Joao Sattamini. Under the museum, a reflection pool was created by the architect. One can also see the beautiful views of Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay from the museum.

There are few other famous museums also, like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Phillips Collection, Washington DC, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art, Africa, Denver Art Museum, The National Palace Museum, Taipei, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.