Tools and Utilities - Server Management

Http Monitor - Monitors your website to see if it's online
HttpMonitor checks if your website is online so that your visitors can reach your website 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. When your website cannot be reached HttpMonitor will alert you by making a sound, sending you an email, or by runn...
IIS6 Bandwidth Monitor
Monitor bandwidth usage in near real-time for individual sites on IIS6 without reliance on Log files. Supports websites on load balanced servers, automatic disabling of websites upon overage, and persistance across reboots. Includes sample ...
Website Monitoring - Web Server Uptime Notification
Monitor your website uptime with this simple command line tool. Very easy to configure, all urls and email settings are stored in easy to edit text files. Sends off an email if your website is down. Works with all urls, even SSL enabled web...

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