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5star Mobile Video

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The ultimate movie converter for your mobile device! Watch your movies anytime, anywhere. This product is the all-in-one solution for your mobile device. It supports the Sony Playstation Portable, Pocket-PCs, iPod, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advanced, devices from iRiver, Archos, Creative, Palm and 3GP(2)/MP4 compatible mobile phones.Supported are the following devices:Apple iPod Playstation PSP PocketPC compatible devices like Samsung Yh-999 , Dell Axim X50, iRiver PMC-120, iRiver U10, Archos GMINI 402 MTP Nintendo* DS / GameBoy Advanced (SD Video) Handys (3GPP/3GPP2/MP4 kompatible Ger?e) iRiver PMP 120/140 iRiver H320/340 Cliod CP2210 Epson P-2000/P-4000 PALM* Zire PALM* Treo PALM* Tungsten Creative ZEN Archos DVR-AV 500/700 Archos PMA 400 Archos AV 340/380/420 Archos GMINI Tibo Mobile Navigator iAudio X5 GPX2 Convert with 5star Mobile Video your (unprotected) Video-DVDs or MPEG1/2/4 compatible favourite movie. E.g. also DivX and XviD movies can be converted for your portable device! 5star Mobile Video offers several functions which silhouetted from other products:Software Features:1. Support for crop marks. Set the start and beginning before you convert the movie. E.g. cut the credits and save menory! 2. Ripps to the proper format without user interaction, for example fullscreen (4:3) or widescreen. Fully automatic detection of additional widescreen format. No Coneheads? 3. Supports PAL and NTSC automatically! 4. Fit to technology: Convert your movies that they fit on a memory card! 5. You have only smaller memory cards? No problem: Split your movies to several memory cards! 6. Predefined quality settings: Low, Middle, High. 7. All quality settings are full costumizable. 8. Best video quality using 2-pass video encoding! 9. Support for meta information for Apple iPod, Playstation PSP and 3GPP2 Videos

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