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File-Reg: Register your software / source code
How do you prove your R&D, software, source code, concepts or designs was in your posession, or your companies, if stolen before were made public, or patented? Proof of posession can normally be optained by registering your IP with a notary...
Offer your clients the ability to proof thier graphic, audio, video, and flash designs online for less than $10 per supports over 10 different file formats including jpg, gif, png, avi, mov, wma, mpg, wav, mp3 and ...
TPW Text-to-Hyperlink Conversion Tool
This tool is useful if you have text copy - such as an article - that has URL's and Mailto: links in the body of the text. Put the plain text into the form and click the button. The program will convert all URL's and Email addresses to hype...

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