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Free Softphone from Adore Softphone
Adoresoft delivers SIP-based communications and services for PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PC and PC-to-PC services surrendering the world at your desktop. The Softphone allows a person to communicate over Internet with any desktops, notebooks, PDA...
Myowncam streams webcam images on the internet. Program is easy with install and use. With the software we host also free your cam with a own domain name. eg. (
For freelancers: Are you a web designer? Do you work part-time as a freelancer or as a contractor? Do you provide web site design, graphic design, logo design, flash, database development, related services? Get a freelancer account at nyfre...
Userplane Audio Video Recorder
The Userplane Web A/V Recorder enables websites to easily allow their users to record and play back audio/video messages. Working seamlessly on any website and requiring no special plugins besides the ubiquitous Flash plugin, any webcam is ...

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