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Manage, track, and sell your software with this coldfusion application!Free Installation! Member Downloads and Download Tracking -Members automatically added to database after transaction,Email sent to member with username and password,Email sent to owner with member info and payment gross and product information,Integrated paypal ipn and post back scripts. (Free email support for adding custom payment gateways!),Hacker safe ipn and post back scripts with software item database checking,Full member admin panel,Add members from admin panel, as well as edit and delete Manage member accounting from admin panel,View members transactions from accounting ,View number of downloads of software. ,View last login of member ,Ban/Suspend member accounts with out having to delete member from database Member login ,Members section includes: Free install request form,Payment History ViewingHacker safe download links,Support ticket form Software Listing and Downloading,Website is 100% dynamic ,Add new software in admin panel with colums for Title,Special Price,Price,Description (Can use html or cfm in text box),Image URL,Demo URL,Download URL,Payment Gateway text box (Free email support for adding payment gateway links) Add unlimited features displayed on detail page!

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